Week 1

Mon 6/27 Tue 6/28 Wed 6/29 Thu 6/30 Fri 7/1 Sat 7/2
Theme Instructions Description Randomness Sequence Self-Organization
Morning Session
(9:00 to 10:30)
KEVA Planks Rock, Paper, Scissors Flipping Coins
Monty Haul
Regions of a Circle
Our of Code
(11:00 to 12:00)
Setup Loops Random Numbers Variables Graphics

Students arrive!

Afternoon Session
(3:30 to 5:00)
Drawing 219 Peabody-Essex Museum Prisoner's Dilemma Wall Drawing #797 Ippswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
Dinner KEVA Rules Test I KEVA Rules Test II Wall Drawing in Chalk
Evening Movie: The Princess Bride Rock, Paper, Scissors Round Robin Game Night: Spot-It Movie: The Martian

Week 2

Mon 7/4 Tue 7/5 Wed 7/6 Thu 7/7 Fri 7/8 Sat 7/9
Theme Color Shapes Steps Algorithms Emergence
Morning Tessellation Addison Gallery Fractals Flocking KEVA Planks
Our of Code Shapes Grids Collisions
Afternoon Lowell National Historical Park Sanctuary Students Head Home
Dinner Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament
Evening Movie: Apollo 13 Movie: Winged Migration

Week 3

Mon 7/11 Tue 7/12 Wed 7/13 Thu 7/14 Fri 7/15 Sat 7/16
Coding Challenge 1
My Project Discovery Topic and Outline
Peer Coaches Feedback on Discovery

Week 4

Mon 7/18 Tue 7/19 Wed 7/20 Thu 7/21 Fri 7/22 Sat 7/23
Coding Challenge 2
My Project First Draft
Peer Coaches Feedback on Outline

Week 5

Mon 7/25 Tue 7/26 Wed 7/27 Thu 7/28 Fri 7/29 Sat 7/30
Coding Challenge 3
My Project Second Draft Looking Ahead: Next Steps
Peer Coaches Feedback on First Draft Feedback on "Final" Draft