Independent Projects

Assignment 0: Choosing Peer Coach (In-Class July 8)

Peer Coaches are our classmates who we will especially rely on for advice and feedback. We want partners who not only will have helpful things to say, but who will be willing to tell us the tough things. And you will be the coach for two of your classmates, giving them important feedback about their projects.

Assignment 1: Seeing Patterns (July 10 to 12)

The first step is to look for patterns. Using the skills and concepts from our time together on campus, look around you (in your community if you are home, or wherever else you are for these three weeks). Look in museums or galleries, look at the way people go about their days, look at buildings and nature.

Your task is to share the patterns you find in your public channel on Slack. Find at least three patterns. With each pattern you should include (this can be written or video/audio):

If you don't love the patterns you are finding, try posting more of them and maybe your peers can help you pick a good one.

Assignment 2: Giving Peer Feedback (July 13 and 14)

Your classmates will have posted their own patterns, and your next job (while you wait for their feedback) is to offer your own. You must respond to the posts of the two classmates you are coaching. You are also strongly encouraged to react to the patterns of other classmates.

Please use our protocol for peer feedback:

  1. "One thing I liked ..."
  2. "One question I had ..."
  3. "Would you consider ..."

Here are some questions to think about when giving feedback:

Assignment 3: (July 15 to 17)

Using the feedback from your two Peer Coaches and other classmates, decide on the focus of your project. You can:

Once you've chosen your topic, you will also propose an outline of what your project will look like. Some questions to think about:

Assignment 4: (July 18 and 19)

Give feedback to those you are peer coaching.

Assignment 5: (July 20 to 23)

Incorporate feedback from your peer coaches and other classmates. Continue to further develop and improve the first draft of your project.

Assignment 6: (July 24 and 25)

Give feedback as Peer Coach.

Assignment 7: (July 26 through 28)

Incorporate peer coach, classmate and teacher feedback. Update and improve the second draft of your project.

Assignment 8: (July 29)

Offer feedback on all classmates’ projects.

Assignment 9: (July 30)

Share what you would propose to do next with your project and/or other patterns you would like to explore.