Daily Self-Reflection

Every day during this course (preferably in the evening) you will update your Self-Reflection Journal with thoughts about the day's learning. This should take about 5 to 10 minutes each day.

Your Self-Reflection Journal is a private channel in Slack. The only other people who can read and contribute to this channel are your instructors, but if you wish to invite others you may.

The way we will approach this work is to consider "Content", "Peers", and "Self". Your daily self-reflection shoud have at least one sentence on each of those three topics. (You are, of course, encouraged to write more, and to include anything else that might go in a journal, including photos or videos.)


This is the stuff we're actually learning about each day. The things we read, the videos we watch, the activities we learn, the principles we discuss.

Here are Content prompts you can use in your self-reflection:


This is anything to do with your interactions and observations about your peers. What you learn from them, how you relate to them, what you'd like to improve.

Here are Peers prompts you can use in your self-reflection:


This is about you. How have you grown? How would you like to grow? What do you struggle with?

Here are Self prompts you can use in your self-reflection: